Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yung Rick - "Over" Remix

As G.T.K. (Grow The Kingdom) the purpose was made known and the foundation was set!! I now intruoduce you to YUNG RICK...stay tuned!!!

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Yung Rick - Over Remix

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heavy On My Heart...

First off, i know its not easy attempting to live a life pleasing to Christ and it is a struggle at times but right now it is 2:51 am and i am laying in a hospital bed and cannot sleep because i feel as though i have to post a note to help someone out there that struggles with the same situations i do.....

Here we go...

Lord, i have always thought that you weren't a true Christian if you didn't study the bible all the time and never let a bad thought go through your head, and always take yourself out of situations that you know you shouldn't be in. But since i have been in college and am really starting to learn myself more and more i am realizing that i should eventually get to these points in my walk with you but at the same time i have to crawl before i can walk and just as a baby trust its parental figure i have to put complete trust in you and allow you to take over my life and be the paternal figure i need.

I believe that a person not living their life Christ like should look at a person who is and notice that there is something different about them and the way that they carry themselves. A "sinner" should be able to look at the actions and good doings of a "follower" and see that they are a child of God, including being a giver (in the community or through donations and cheerful giving), and their willingness to speak the words of God whenever they receive them and to do it without shame or doubt.

A child of God should be willing and able to fight temptation (sexually or secularly) at the drop of a dime and rebuke the devil when he shows himself to you through other's actions or through the mishaps of your day and also be alert enough recognize when they are being pulled into a trap and know when to remove themselves from situations (friends, family, addictions, etc...) that they know is not pleasing to God and his will for their life.

And last but certainly not least, they should always be ready to put themselves (pride,feelings, ego,etc...) aside in order to put God first and the people God want them to help second.

Lord i thank you for using me to help someone else in need and i pray that you be with me every step of the way and allow me to reach the point in my journey where these things will be of second nature to me. I pray that you guide me into the man that you want me to be lord and that you help my family, friends and associates and help me to lead them to you Lord, if not through this message, then hopefully through words or actions when you want it to happen lord.

I just thank you for using me as a vessel to get your word across lord. Amen

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