Thursday, July 30, 2009



  1. This Songs dope!!!!

    yo man its been along time since ive been doing the blog of the immature gentleman and i just wanna give you heads up of what im doing now, im making my own designs and stuff, i aint a good drawer but im trying my best, and i just posted a my first drawing onto a shirt, go check it out and and follow my other three blogs of owl express, space pace, and owlistic uberduperdope vision that i made with mr. robotic

    thanks and sorry for the long message
    Check it!

  2. preciate the comment n i know ya cuz...

  3. yo im making a logo for the immature gentleman blog so i need your help on picking which one, either the lighting bolt or the immature face

    leave a comment on the post so i could know


  4. also go ahead and follow the owl express line and the space pace line

    i made new designs for both labels so go check them out and i also customized both layouts of the labels, leave a comment


    follow me me on here

  6. hey im following you so I think some of you guys should follow me to at


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