Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Given Talent

Danielle Owens, Soldier serving our country overseas through the Air Force and has a passion for serving Christ as well. Danielle is not only a talented singer but also a wife to my brother Brandon Owens and Sister-In-Law to me since July 3rd, 2009 Good Luck with the audition Danielle!

"Everyone knows that I love music but I never want to pimp my soul or my gift to gain fame and fortune. Then again Im not supposed to sit on my gift it's hot out here, Im tired...bored in this quiet room...Im looking all grimmey..I have nothing to lose. Folks can compliment me if they want to or not I just felt like finally singing out to share with friends and fam. Thanks so much for the words..."

- Danielle Owens

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