Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aloha Obama...

While on vacation in Hawaii, the Obama family is staying in a $9 million single-story oceanfront home in a laid-back neighborhood over the mountain from downtown Honolulu where the president-elect grew up.

The five-bedroom wood frame house sits on almost an acre of land fronting Kailua Beach, a favorite spot for windsurfers, kayakers and dogwalkers.

The white sand in front of the house is public land, just like all beaches under state law. The Obamas may see neighbors out for a walk or jog.

Obama's vacation home sits on a dead-end road with few other homes. The street is wider than most of the narrow lanes leading to Kailua Beach, so the Secret Service has plenty of room to drive and park its SUVs. Upon the Obamas' arrival Saturday, agents set up a security checkpoint blocking off public access to a stretch of the road.

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