Thursday, December 31, 2009

As you all know, Twitter is just another social networking site such as FaceBook or Myspace. But what does Twitter have that's better than the rest? Honestly, i believe that Twitter has drawn so much attention because of the unlimited number of celebrities that it has "working" for them. Most people want to get on Twitter because they feel like they are as close as they are ever gonna get to being in the life of a true celebrity. Like Drake said "...caught up in a popularity contest/bout to reach my dreams and i ain't even got my arms stretched..." meaning that people are thinking that their getting what theyve been waiting on their whole life (fame and fortune), by simply sitting at a desk on their computer. Some celebs like Fabolous, Taraji Henson, and even Bow Wow talk about REAL LIFE SITUATIONS and not just random ishh that the public wants to hear. So if your gonna be on Twitter, keep it 100!!

I can admit that my first reaction to Twitter was " i think its wack" and i took the application off of my iPhone after about a week, but when i got back on my blogger grind i thought it would be helpful to put myself out there and see whats going on in the world. So, now..... im addicted! im always on Twitter talking to somebody or posting tweets about the random trending topics for the day... all in all, DONT KNOCK SOMETHING UNTIL YOU TRY IT!!

If your on Twitter, Hit me up screename: Mister_LaBeach or just click the "follow me on twitter" button at the top of my page!! LoL

Signing off, The RAPture...

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